Why Do I See Duplicate Results In The Screener?

A company may have its stock listed on numerous stock exchanges around the world. The unique but secondary listings may cause you to see the  same company listed multiple times in your results. To remove secondary listings, you can use the "Primary Trading Item Flag" filter and set the value to TRUE. This filter will ensure only the primary stock listing of a company is considered in your results. Here is an example screener: https://finbox.com/screener/s-qplq2qiw

In the case where you're open to seeing the secondary listing of stock as long as it is on a certain exchange, the "Primary Trading Item Flag" filter will not meet your requirements because it will exclude all secondary listings. In such a case, you'll need a different approach to exclude duplicate company results. 

For example, shares of BHP Group are listed on several U.S. stock exchanges under tickers BBL, BHP, BHPB.F, and BHPL.F. The primary listing for BHP Group is the Australian listing on the ASX. Even though all of the listings are managed and run as a single economic entity, they don't have the same price performance since they are separate legal entities. Finbox opts to provide both results since there is no "correct" listing and a matter of user preference. 

If you wanted to use trading volume as the "tie-breaker," you could accomplish this by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Sort the results by Trading Volume (click the column header)
  2. Export the results to a spreadsheet
  3. Use the "Remove Duplicates" feature on the Name column as outlined below:
    1. Remove Duplicates in Excel
    2. Remove Duplicates in Google Spreadsheets
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