How Do I Restrict Results To A Region Or Country?

Finbox supports over 100,000 stocks listed on exchanges all over the world. For users just getting started with the stock screener, this can be a bit confusing. In this post, we'll provide some strategies to make screening a bit easier:

Restrict Results To A Region

To quickly filter out stocks that are outside of the Finbox regions you're interested in, you can use the "Filter By Regions" bar. For example, you can ensure that only the U.S. region has a minus sign ("-") next to it, and all other regions have a plus sign ("+") with a blue box.

Restrict Results To A Trading Country

If you prefer to explicitly set the trading region, you can do so with the "Trading Region" filter. Example screener:

Restrict Results To The Operating Country

If you're interested in limiting results to the country in which a company operates, you can use the "Operating Country" filter. Example screener:

Restrict Results To A Stock Exchange

If you're interested in limiting results to a specific stock exchange, you can use the "Stock Exchange" filter. You can find the list of Stock Exchanges here.

Example screener:

Remove Duplicate or Secondary Listings

A company can have its stock listed on numerous stock exchanges around the world. The unique but secondary listings may cause you to see the same company listed multiple times in your results. To remove secondary listings, you can use the "Primary Trading Item Flag" filter and set the value to TRUE. This filter will ensure only the primary stock listing of a company is considered in your results. Here is an example screener:

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